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    YSSL-500 Full Hydraulic crawler water well Drilling Rig


    YSSL-500 water well drilling rig, which is a full hydraulic crawler water well drilling rig, is mainly used in water well or water exploration hole; but also used in foundation engineering small diameter hole grouting construction.


    Drilling Rig has double power heads, needn’t driving rod; It has the long feeding stroke which is helpful to reduce the rod reversion frequency, avoid core block, and improve productivity. It also can achieve compression or decompression during the full feeding stroke.
    Drilling Rig installed the front and the rear power heads, which makes a variety of drilling methods possible
    When drilling a hole in fractured zone or congeries, drill rod power head connected with DTH hammer and bits, to realize percussion rotary drilling. Meanwhile, casing tube power head rotates the follow-up casing for protecting the hole wall. The two power head can be synchronize to drill hole rapidly.
    When drilling a hole in incoherent overlying formation, quicksand layer and silt layer, the inner drilling tool use conventional rotary tools or long auger drilling tools, meanwhile, the front power head rotates the following-up casing for protecting hole wall.
    When drilling a hole in intact formation, could use power head alone for ordinary rotary drilling or percussion-rotary drilling.
    Floating mechanism in the main spindle of top drive power head protects drill rod screw thread. Casing tube can also used as screw machine to make clamping and loosening drilling tools’ mechanization.
    Drilling Rig’s feeding structure could work with winch together to meet special demand of technical and reduce the strength of labor.
    The hydraulic motor, pump and operating valve are world famous brand products, other main assembly preferentially selected home made reputed and high quality products. Thus, the performance of the machine will be stable, creditable and long life
    The drilling rig outfit strong driving force to applicable for various drilling method such as follow-up casing drilling, anger drilling, percussion rotary drilling, double wall TC drilling,
    The rig is full-featured has strong ability to deal with accident.

    Technical Specification

    Drilling diameter (mm) and depth (m)           
    with pipe casing diameter      φ219 / φ273 / deep 0-80 (need based on stratigraphy)      
    final hole drilling diameter      φ150 / Deep 300      
    drill pipe and casing size           
    conventional drill pipe (mm)      φ89 × 2000; φ89 × 6000      
    double-wall drill pipe (mm)      φ114 × 2000; φ114 × 6000      
    Casing Size (mm)      φ273 × 2000; φ219 × 2000      
    Power head      & nbsp;      
    maximum output torque (Nm)      
    drill power head      8000      
    Casing power head (cater to tighten the machine)      16000      
    drill power head output speed (rpm)      0 ~ 40/80 (low) / 0 to 53/106 (upscale)      
    Casing power head output speed (rpm)      7 (low) / 0 to 20/27 (high)      
    mast and feeding system           
    to carry out the process (mm)           
    drill power head      7000      
    Casing head      2000      
    maximum feed force (kN)           
    drill power head      65      
    Casing head      40      
    maximum pull force (kN)           
    drill power head      110      
    Casing head      40      
    orifice guide hole diameter (mm)      300      
    main winch lifting capacity (kN)      70      
    Lifting speed (m / min)      35      
    Vice winch lifting capacity (kN)      15      
    Lifting speed (m / min)      30      
    rig power (kw)      125 (six-cylinder diesel engine driven)      
    Total weight (kg))      about 13,500 (based on actual weight basis)      
    gradeability (°))      20      
    Ground Pressure (Mpa)      <0.04      
    Rig form      Integral (crawler chassis to meet the transportation needs)      
    Rig Dimensions           
    Transportation state (m3)      11.5 * 2.2 * 3.3 (in actual size)      
    work status (m3)      5.45 * 2.2 * 12 (in actual size)

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