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    YGS-120 Drilling Rig


    YGS-120 anchor engineering drilling rig is a full hydraulic operated dual-top drive power head drilling machine. It is widely used to drill large pretension anchor wire holes, large diameter anchor pile holes and grouting holes at the side slope of water power station, expressway or railway projects, as well as small size foundation pile holes etc.


    Dual-top drive power head realizes various drilling methods, such as:
    a) When drilling a hole in thicker (30~50 m) fractured zone or congeries, rear power head connected with the inner drilling tool and DTH hammer, to realize percussion rotary drilling, in the meanwhile, the front power head rotates the follow-up casing for protecting the hole wall.
    b) When drilling a hole in incoherent overlying formation, quicksand layer or silt layer, the inner drilling tool use conventionally rotary tools or long auger drilling tools, in the meanwhile, the front power head rotates the follow-up casing for protecting hole wall.
    c) When drilling a hole in intact formation, only one power head is used for ordinary rotary drilling or percussion-rotary drilling.
    It features high lift capacity and output torque, strong solving accident ability and high drilling efficiency.
    It carries out mechanization of rod and casing breaking down, as it equipped with the clamp and breakout machine, so it can significantly reduce labor strength and increase work efficiency.
    Building block and combined structure design as well as twin hydraulic pumps system are adopted in the machine, so it features good disassembility , convenient mounting and dismounting, and especially suitable for working in the inconvenient traffic mountain areas..

    Main Technical Specifications

    drilling depth 120 ~ 80m
    Drilling diameter ? 110 ~ ? 250mm
    Power head compensation before the trip 400mm
    Drilling dip -10 ~ 90 °
    Power head speed after power head 3 ~ 130r / min before the power head 3 ~ 22r / min
    Power Head Maximum torque power after power head 3500Nm former head 10000Nm
    Power head stroke 1500mm
    mast slip stroke 600mm
    Recommended drill specifications ? 89 × 1000; ? 114 × 1000
    Recommended casing specifications ? 168 × 1000; ? 178 × 1000; ? 194 × 1000
    power head feed capacity lifting force 100KN; increase pressure 52KN
    casing shackle moment 15KNm
    Motor Type Y180L-4 × 2
    Total power 44KW
    hydraulic system rated pressure 18Mpa
    Rig total mass 2500Kg
    maximum disintegration Quality 400Kg
    Host Dimension L × W × H 3500 × 1200 × 1600mm

    Shanxi deep in the pile formations with pipe Drilling

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