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    YGSL-120R Multi-functional Double Power Heads Crawler Drilling Rig Exported to France
    Author:admin Click:2224 Time:2012-12-24

      Now the YGSL-120R full hydraulic double power heads crawler drilling rig ordered and specially designed for French clients is well manufactured by our engineers and technicians. Moreover, after inspection and the field boring testing, it ships to Europe these days. How does YGSL-120R access into market of Western Europe? Let us have a view of it.    YGSL-120R Drilling Rig – crawler track chassis \ full hydraulic power drive \ double power heads rotation – is applied by a variety of drill techniques and suitable in diversiform of geological ground condition, especially for the complex drilling situations (such as loose ground, gravel land, also fragmentized stratum for fundamental ground, etc.) and able to help operators to find their best settlement and solution.    YGSL-120R Drilling Rig will widely applied in boring GSHPs (geological source heat powers) holes, water wells; large tonnage prestressed anchor holes and drain holes for side slopes of the rock or soil drill works as the water power dam, railway, highway; pipe roof (shed) holes of underground construction; grouting reinforcement holes, small construction pile holes; landslide preventive mitigation and its after disaster treatment. Its powerful functions provide user a high drilling efficiency, emphasis on safety and people oriented design, kindly and conveniently operating methods and superexcellent cost performance gain the favor from the French customers.

    •  Rubber track chassis provides the rig a choiceness of performance and avoids destroying the road surface. Excellent drill arm design offers user an outstanding flexibility to get a full direction angle adjusting for boring easily and quickly. Double power heads rotating give a variety of drilling techniques & methods to make the stratum never complex for clients. Winch and Clamp compensating enormously decrease the assistant time for drill work and increase the efficiency of the drill work. The hydraulic elements, imported form international famous brand, ensure the hydraulic system works accurately and stably. This Drilling Rig has a remote control of movement which can substantially avoid the safety risk of the operating personnel even in a jumbled environment. Careful setting of the emergency stop makes it easy for the user to deal with the accidence and protect personnel not to be injured.
    • A variety of the inspection alarm elements make sure the operators is able to dominate the rig work states at any time.

       YGSL-120R exports to the France that gives us a great chance to accumulate more experiences of entrance to the markets of the developed countries. We believe more and more types of our Drilling Equipments will be recognized by international drilling equipment market.


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