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Open your 3rd eye and discover hidden things!

Opening your 3rd eye will give you access to hidden things from the view and perception of ordinary mortals. It will allow you to transcend your human condition and to experience modified states of consciousness. Your third eye is the one who is connected to the source of all knowledge, it is omniscient, omnipresent, even if you do not pay attention to it; Thanks to him, you can feel what people think, what they hide from you without they need to tell you, you will be able to live experiences of mindfulness and to unveil the invisible dimensions and access to superior Levels of consciousness.

What is the third eye?

The third eye (also called “eye of the soul” or “inner eye“) refers to the gaze beyond matter. Of oriental origin, this esoteric and mystical metaphor mainly reflects self-knowledge. Symbolically, it is thus represented between the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead.

Some authors, such as the French philosopher René Descartes, have suggested that this third eye illustrates the pineal gland, located between the two hemispheres of the brain. For Descartes, it would even be “the seat of the soul“.

Your 3rd eye could be that of that intuition that you listen to from time to time, without asking for anything, but doing it naturally because its function is to help, guide and protect you. Here, it will have a considerable place and will show you more precisely everything you need to know about your surroundings, your environment and even feelings. You will know all that you need to know and you will see everything you will have to see, without actually understanding it, by any means (dreams, signs, etc.), quite simply.

In ancient Egypt, the eye of Horus symbolized the pineal gland considered by the Egyptians as the door to penetrate into dimensions different from that of men.

Let’s see how to open this door…

An advice: Not “all” knowledge can also be beneficial to you and protects you according to the experience you have come to live on Earth. If you are not sure that you want to be able to accept the different realities that exist, for fear of being psychically disturbed, do not do it. Wait for the right time, you must feel ready, do not just curiosity!

Ritual to open your third eye

What you need:

  • Lotus incense,
  • A small bowl of water,
  • A small bowl of salt,
  • 1 purple candle,
  • A pyramid or a crystal.

Ideal time to realize it:

  • One day during the Ascending Moon.

Draw a magic circle*. Place all your ingredients inside the circle, close to you to be able to use them afterwards. Do not forget to light your purple candle and your Lotus incense.

Take a pyramid or a piece of crystal in your hand and begin to meditate on your will to discover the hidden secrets of life, the universe.

As soon as you feel ready, grab the bowl of salt in one hand, while holding the pyramid or crystal on the other, turn to the north and say this:

I invoke you, O guardian of the North Tower, by the salt of the earth.

Take the candle, turn south and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the South Tower, by the sacred fire.

Then take the bowl of water, turn to the west and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the Tower of the West, by the water of the sky and the rivers.

Take the Lotus Incense, turn east and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the Eastern Tower, with this perfumed air.

Stay turned east and add:

In the presence of the guardians of the towers, and of the four elements,

I humbly ask you, O Asariel, to open my third eye.

Let me see the past, the present and the future. Allow me to feel what others feel and access all kinds of knowledge.

So be it!

Continue to meditate for a moment, let yourself be imbued with energy and visualize your third eye open. You can then get out of your magic circle and let burn your purple candle as well as incense on your altar. If it is daylight, resume your activities or if it is night, go to bed. In the days that follow, you will soon feel the effects of the opening of your third eye!

*We will develop in a next article the creation of the magic circle.


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