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Open your 3rd eye and discover hidden things!

Opening your 3rd eye will give you access to hidden things from the view and perception of ordinary mortals. It will allow you to transcend your human condition and to experience modified states of consciousness. Your third eye is the one who is connected to the source of all knowledge, it is omniscient, omnipresent, even if you do not pay attention to it; Thanks to him, you can feel what people think, what they hide from you without they need to tell you, you will be able to live experiences of mindfulness and to unveil the invisible dimensions and access to superior Levels of consciousness.

What is the third eye?

The third eye (also called “eye of the soul” or “inner eye“) refers to the gaze beyond matter. Of oriental origin, this esoteric and mystical metaphor mainly reflects self-knowledge. Symbolically, it is thus represented between the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead.

Some authors, such as the French philosopher René Descartes, have suggested that this third eye illustrates the pineal gland, located between the two hemispheres of the brain. For Descartes, it would even be “the seat of the soul“.

Your 3rd eye could be that of that intuition that you listen to from time to time, without asking for anything, but doing it naturally because its function is to help, guide and protect you. Here, it will have a considerable place and will show you more precisely everything you need to know about your surroundings, your environment and even feelings. You will know all that you need to know and you will see everything you will have to see, without actually understanding it, by any means (dreams, signs, etc.), quite simply.

In ancient Egypt, the eye of Horus symbolized the pineal gland considered by the Egyptians as the door to penetrate into dimensions different from that of men.

Let’s see how to open this door…

An advice: Not “all” knowledge can also be beneficial to you and protects you according to the experience you have come to live on Earth. If you are not sure that you want to be able to accept the different realities that exist, for fear of being psychically disturbed, do not do it. Wait for the right time, you must feel ready, do not just curiosity!

Ritual to open your third eye

What you need:

  • Lotus incense,
  • A small bowl of water,
  • A small bowl of salt,
  • 1 purple candle,
  • A pyramid or a crystal.

Ideal time to realize it:

  • One day during the Ascending Moon.

Draw a magic circle*. Place all your ingredients inside the circle, close to you to be able to use them afterwards. Do not forget to light your purple candle and your Lotus incense.

Take a pyramid or a piece of crystal in your hand and begin to meditate on your will to discover the hidden secrets of life, the universe.

As soon as you feel ready, grab the bowl of salt in one hand, while holding the pyramid or crystal on the other, turn to the north and say this:

I invoke you, O guardian of the North Tower, by the salt of the earth.

Take the candle, turn south and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the South Tower, by the sacred fire.

Then take the bowl of water, turn to the west and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the Tower of the West, by the water of the sky and the rivers.

Take the Lotus Incense, turn east and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the Eastern Tower, with this perfumed air.

Stay turned east and add:

In the presence of the guardians of the towers, and of the four elements,

I humbly ask you, O Asariel, to open my third eye.

Let me see the past, the present and the future. Allow me to feel what others feel and access all kinds of knowledge.

So be it!

Continue to meditate for a moment, let yourself be imbued with energy and visualize your third eye open. You can then get out of your magic circle and let burn your purple candle as well as incense on your altar. If it is daylight, resume your activities or if it is night, go to bed. In the days that follow, you will soon feel the effects of the opening of your third eye!

*We will develop in a next article the creation of the magic circle.


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The magic to find real love: magic rituals!

We reveal here a few rituals & prayers to make sure you know the great love, the person you’ve always dreamed of meeting!

Don’t pay attention on their simplicity, they are powerful if you put the most essential ingredient in their execution: the heart!

Be assured to find the person who corresponds to you very quickly…

Ritual to meet the ideal person

What you need: 1 mirror

How to do? 

As soon as you wake up, immediately put yourself in front of a mirror (you should not see anyone else) and repeat the following words:

“My heart is full of love, I am a wonderful person and I am ready to welcome a new love.”

Repeat this ritual until you meet the right person!
Do not forget to pray with sincerity and real will. You can use your own words as long as your formulation is as clear as possible, the main thing is that you put into action the thought of your desire so that the Universe can accomplish it to you.

You can also further affirm your willingness to find your soul mate by altering the previous words as follows:

“My heart is full of love, I am a wonderful person and I am ready to receive the love that will unite with me for the rest of my life.

My love, come to me. I am ready to meet you.

So be it. “

Powerfull prayers to meet your soul mate

What you need: nothing.

How to do? 

Repeat the following three prayers every night for 21 consecutive days:

1 st prayer

Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my supplications according to the truth of your promises:

Answer me according to your righteousness.

And don’t enter into judgment with your servant, because no living thing shall be found right before you.

The enemy pursues me to take my life, already he knocked me down on the ground.

He has plunged me into dark darkness, like those who have died for centuries, and my spirit is in distress, my heart is troubled within me.

I remembered the ancient times, I meditated all your wonders. Yes, I meditate on the works from your hands.

To you I stretch out my arms, my soul toward you is like a land without waters.

Hasten to hear me, O Lord, my soul is fainting.

Do not turn away your face from me or I will become like those who come down from the tomb.

Let me hear your mercy in the morning, because in you I have given my only hope.

Let me know the way in which I must walk, because I hold my soul lifted up to you.

Take me, O Lord, away from my enemies. In you I only have recourse. Teach me to fulfill your will, because you are my God.

Keep my soul out of affliction, and in your mercy disperse my troubles.

And lose all those who persecute my soul, because I am, I (your name and surname), your servant (or maid).

2 nd prayer

O holy Angel of God, who, by an effect of his goodness for me, has charged me with the care of my conduct.

You who assist me in my wants, who console me in my troubles, and who always obtain favors from me, I pray you to obtain a new one from me: make me meet my soul mate!

I beseech you, O my kind protector, to continue your charitable care, to defend myself against all my enemies, to remove from me the opportunities of sin, to make me docile to your inspirations and faithful to follow them, to protect me at the hour of my death, not to leave me until you have led me to the abode of eternal rest.

So be it!

3 rd prayer

Lovely Prince of the Heavenly Court, my dear Guardian Angel, how many gratitude do I owe you for your assiduous care?

How many times have you kept me away from dangers? How many times did your prayers were obtained by God?

Since the first moment of my existence, you have not left me. You have redoubled zeal and charity when my soul, unfaithful to its God, rejected your charitable warnings. You looked at me, O my good Angel, like a poor fool who does not know what he is doing, and you wait patiently for the day when the grace of God would triumph over my resistance.

This moment has finally come, O my holy Angel, bring to me the person whom I will love and who will love me with a sincere love and which will last until the end of my days and beyond.

So be it!


Ritual to no longer be alone

 What you need: 1 starfish, 1 white ribbon and 1 white paper

How to do? 

Place the starfish in the white paper, wrap it and tie it with the white ribbon. Recite a “Our Father” and an “Ave Maria” with all your faith. Then head to a church displaying an image of St. Anthony and place your package at his feet. Pray to the saint to help you find the one you always wanted to meet.

Ritual to see the identity of your future love in dreams

Here is a very effective and simple ritual to discover inside your dreams the one who will be your future love!


Before going to bed, recite the following words:

Guardian angel, let me see when I’m sleeping the one I’ll have in my lifetime. Show me who will be the person who will love me for who I am and who will share the remaining days of my life.

I thank you.”

You should dream of your future love during the night and be sure: you will remember him (her)…

Ritual to find the ideal person and live a great love story


What you need:

  • A cup of milk,
  • 21 red rose petals,
  • 1 white candle.


On a Friday night, take a bath with a cup of milk and 21 red rose petals. As soon as you have entered the water and have settled comfortably, recite the following incantation:

I ask the Goddess of love and the great power of nature to make sure that I can attract the love I desire.

Let it be so!

Quietly take your bath while meditating and visualizing the relationship you expect so much, feel the positive effects, the happiness and the serenity that it generates in you. Let yourself be bathed by the energy that surrounds you and let circulate the love you have to give… Visualize that it reaches the heart of the being that is destined for you. As soon as you have finished meditating, take out the water and turn on the white candle directly, saying:

Solitude weighs on me. Yet I have so much love to give.

May the celestial forces don’t remain insensitive and give me my alter-ego so that together we can reach the great cosmic law.

Let it be so!

Then go to bed completely naked. The next day, do not stay cloistered at home! Get out as soon as the opportunity arises, take a walk outside … You should surely meet someone you like!

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The magic formulas: their secrets unveiled!

All those who practice magic know this well: prayer and, more generally, words have powerful power. And there are some more powerful words than others; They trigger vibrations and put you in direct contact with the Universe. We are going to reveal here these magic formulas, which some also call “mantras” or “oral talisman”.

What is a magic formula?

A magic formula is a mantra.

A mantra is a condensed formula, consisting of a single, several or a series of syllables that are repeated for a certain time with a suitable rhythm. The mantra is widely used in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and … esoteric circles!

This Sanskrit word is made up of the verb root man (think) and the suffix -tra, which forms neutral substantives for the instrument performing the action in question. It is based on the power of sound, linked to the name of a specific deity.

The vibration of the sound and its resonance has the power to modify the environment of the speaker.

To know: Any properly pronounced name, as we learn from the kabbalistic tradition, can be mastered if pronunciation and repetition are correct. In the Jewish religion it is forbidden to pronounce the name of God for this reason, for man can not dominate the Divine.

However, you can use these heavenly entities to help you through a specific request…

With these magic formulas, be sure of it: whatever your wish, it will come true! These words are of extreme power.

The magic formulas

These entities are not to be invoked all at the same time, you only have to solicit one power at a time, you can invoke one as soon as your wish has been fulfilled. Otherwise, your requests would annihilate each other.


Choose from these powers the one that will help you fulfill your wish. Then repeat 21 times its name in a remote place, away from daylight. The ideal would be to be in complete black. This ritual is to be performed 3 times during the day: when you wake up, then in the middle of the afternoon and in the evening before going to bed. Once the ideal quiet place found, relax and concentrate on the reason for your request. Think of what you want to see realized, then, as soon as you feel ready to invoke the power in question: recite his name in a low voice, taking your time. You can use your hands to help you count up to 21. Do not forget to mentally thank the power in question. After the ritual is finished, resume your activities or rest, knowing that your request has just been transmitted to the Universe and that it considers it already fulfilled! You no longer have to wait until your wish is fulfilled.

ATTENTION: Every act of magic must be done in the greatest secrecy. If you do any ritual: keep silent, and do not tell anyone (at least, as long as your wish has not been realized)!

To win a lawsuit


Meaning: Great is Yahweh

Call him to solve your problems with Justice. You will win your case if you are a victim and you will have the leniency of the judges if you are charged.

 To bring back the loved one


Meaning: Brakes, broken

If you want to bring back the person who left you and repair your love story, that’s the name to invoke! He or she will come back to you for sure!

 To be serene and spiritually elevated


Meaning: Spirit of God

If you want to get serenity, enjoy the best conditions to meditate or elevate yourself spiritually, invoke this power that will help you get closer to God.

 To make the right decision


Meaning: Best Counselor

Invoke this name if you have an important decision to make. You will therefore be protected from the choice you have made and no longer doubts.

 To put your mind in order


Meaning: God created

If you are lost at this moment and you are asking questions, invoke this power to help you put your mind in order. You will find calm and light.

To have a positive entourage


Meaning: raised by God

You wish to have a positive entourage, people whose can help you in your sentimental, family or professional life, it is the entity that you must call! You will meet the right people at the right time. Assistance may be moral or financial.

 To find work quickly


Meaning: Treasure of God

Call him in case of financial problems. You will not win the lottery, but great opportunities will present themselves to you in order to earn money by the fruit of your work.

 To get rid of loneliness


Meaning: friend of God

If you want to end the loneliness, invoking this name to make friendly or loving encounters!

 To reconnect with relatives


Meaning: watch station

If you want to quickly have news from a loved one or people with whom you took some distance, this magic formula will make you renew contact!

 To guarantee a good trip and a good stay


Meaning: Steppes of Moab

Before traveling abroad, invoke this name to be protected from any problems you may encounter during your stay. Be sure of it: everything will go well, leave the mind alone!

To get rid of bad people


Meaning: Ruins

This power will remove from you all false friends, enemies and people who do not want you but good. Very effective also for a particular person who is causing you harm.

To provoke a miracle


Meaning: God is listening

You can invoke this power for a unique and exceptional request. This formula is especially pronounced for causes in which all hope seems lost. A miracle can therefore be expected!

 To improve one's work situation


Meaning: Trouble, obscurity

If you have a complicated business situation or a variety of problems, you can use this entity to eliminate all your worries at work, including jealousies, persecution or bad intentions.

 To reconcile with your family


Meaning: Generous parent

If your family situation is complex and conflicting, by invoking this name you will be reconciled with your parents. You can also invoke it for members of your family that you have not seen for some time.

 To have the house of his dreams


Meaning: stone paving

Before buying a property, invoke this power and you will be sure to find the apartment or the house in the ideal place that will meet your expectations!

 To drive away bad energies


Meaning: the one that protects the palate

To get rid of the evil eye and restore broken harmony in your home, invoke this entity. Thanks to her, love will flood your home and all the evil energies will be hunted!

To win at games of chance


Meaning: noble

The invocation of this power favors money-making at games of chance, however, if you win, remember to donate one-tenth of your earnings to a person in need. Otherwise, you will never win again!

For justice to be done


Meaning:  Divine Justice

If you have been robbed of any property or reward, justice will take place; You will find what you own or be compensated. At the professional level, you will have access to the position you deserve!

 For better finances


Meaning: that God sits

A magic formula that will quickly end your money problems. Your worries will disappear and cash flows will be expected.

 Breaking the deadlock


Meaning: in the shadow of God

If you are in a situation of despair and do not know what to do to improve your life, invoke this power and help will come to you in a totally unexpected way.

To have more self-confidence


Meaning: stone of the rescue

If you lack courage, strength or will, invoke this name to regain self-confidence and become more and more effective in your competences.

Here are 21 magic formulas at your disposal to fulfill your wishes! Make good use of it!

Be vigilant if you share these secrets from esoteric circles.

This knowledge should not be used to disturb these entities wrongly and do these rituals with derision!

The law of triple return always applies…

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