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The magic to find real love: magic rituals!

We reveal here a few rituals & prayers to make sure you know the great love, the person you’ve always dreamed of meeting!

Don’t pay attention on their simplicity, they are powerful if you put the most essential ingredient in their execution: the heart!

Be assured to find the person who corresponds to you very quickly…

Ritual to meet the ideal person

What you need: 1 mirror

How to do? 

As soon as you wake up, immediately put yourself in front of a mirror (you should not see anyone else) and repeat the following words:

“My heart is full of love, I am a wonderful person and I am ready to welcome a new love.”

Repeat this ritual until you meet the right person!
Do not forget to pray with sincerity and real will. You can use your own words as long as your formulation is as clear as possible, the main thing is that you put into action the thought of your desire so that the Universe can accomplish it to you.

You can also further affirm your willingness to find your soul mate by altering the previous words as follows:

“My heart is full of love, I am a wonderful person and I am ready to receive the love that will unite with me for the rest of my life.

My love, come to me. I am ready to meet you.

So be it. “

Powerfull prayers to meet your soul mate

What you need: nothing.

How to do? 

Repeat the following three prayers every night for 21 consecutive days:

1 st prayer

Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my supplications according to the truth of your promises:

Answer me according to your righteousness.

And don’t enter into judgment with your servant, because no living thing shall be found right before you.

The enemy pursues me to take my life, already he knocked me down on the ground.

He has plunged me into dark darkness, like those who have died for centuries, and my spirit is in distress, my heart is troubled within me.

I remembered the ancient times, I meditated all your wonders. Yes, I meditate on the works from your hands.

To you I stretch out my arms, my soul toward you is like a land without waters.

Hasten to hear me, O Lord, my soul is fainting.

Do not turn away your face from me or I will become like those who come down from the tomb.

Let me hear your mercy in the morning, because in you I have given my only hope.

Let me know the way in which I must walk, because I hold my soul lifted up to you.

Take me, O Lord, away from my enemies. In you I only have recourse. Teach me to fulfill your will, because you are my God.

Keep my soul out of affliction, and in your mercy disperse my troubles.

And lose all those who persecute my soul, because I am, I (your name and surname), your servant (or maid).

2 nd prayer

O holy Angel of God, who, by an effect of his goodness for me, has charged me with the care of my conduct.

You who assist me in my wants, who console me in my troubles, and who always obtain favors from me, I pray you to obtain a new one from me: make me meet my soul mate!

I beseech you, O my kind protector, to continue your charitable care, to defend myself against all my enemies, to remove from me the opportunities of sin, to make me docile to your inspirations and faithful to follow them, to protect me at the hour of my death, not to leave me until you have led me to the abode of eternal rest.

So be it!

3 rd prayer

Lovely Prince of the Heavenly Court, my dear Guardian Angel, how many gratitude do I owe you for your assiduous care?

How many times have you kept me away from dangers? How many times did your prayers were obtained by God?

Since the first moment of my existence, you have not left me. You have redoubled zeal and charity when my soul, unfaithful to its God, rejected your charitable warnings. You looked at me, O my good Angel, like a poor fool who does not know what he is doing, and you wait patiently for the day when the grace of God would triumph over my resistance.

This moment has finally come, O my holy Angel, bring to me the person whom I will love and who will love me with a sincere love and which will last until the end of my days and beyond.

So be it!


Ritual to no longer be alone

 What you need: 1 starfish, 1 white ribbon and 1 white paper

How to do? 

Place the starfish in the white paper, wrap it and tie it with the white ribbon. Recite a “Our Father” and an “Ave Maria” with all your faith. Then head to a church displaying an image of St. Anthony and place your package at his feet. Pray to the saint to help you find the one you always wanted to meet.

Ritual to see the identity of your future love in dreams

Here is a very effective and simple ritual to discover inside your dreams the one who will be your future love!


Before going to bed, recite the following words:

Guardian angel, let me see when I’m sleeping the one I’ll have in my lifetime. Show me who will be the person who will love me for who I am and who will share the remaining days of my life.

I thank you.”

You should dream of your future love during the night and be sure: you will remember him (her)…

Ritual to find the ideal person and live a great love story


What you need:

  • A cup of milk,
  • 21 red rose petals,
  • 1 white candle.


On a Friday night, take a bath with a cup of milk and 21 red rose petals. As soon as you have entered the water and have settled comfortably, recite the following incantation:

I ask the Goddess of love and the great power of nature to make sure that I can attract the love I desire.

Let it be so!

Quietly take your bath while meditating and visualizing the relationship you expect so much, feel the positive effects, the happiness and the serenity that it generates in you. Let yourself be bathed by the energy that surrounds you and let circulate the love you have to give… Visualize that it reaches the heart of the being that is destined for you. As soon as you have finished meditating, take out the water and turn on the white candle directly, saying:

Solitude weighs on me. Yet I have so much love to give.

May the celestial forces don’t remain insensitive and give me my alter-ego so that together we can reach the great cosmic law.

Let it be so!

Then go to bed completely naked. The next day, do not stay cloistered at home! Get out as soon as the opportunity arises, take a walk outside … You should surely meet someone you like!

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