The Elves, who are they?

The Elves are in our minds majestic beings, imbued with magic, mystery and immortality (or at least of an astonishing longevity). But what is really happening? Where does their myth begin? Especially: are they really what we believe?

Hello my Marmosets!

I know, I know, I was sooooooooo long absent … but I reassure you: “Here I am!” So you have the choice: either I tell you what I did during my half-holidays (I have a lot to tell you!), Or I speak to you about something else … then? Okay, OK… I’ll tell you about fantastic creatures … (pfff you’re really not friendly with me!).

Creature of the day, hello!

The Elves: Guardians of Nature

In fact, I realize that the word “Elf” is often used in the plural. Would it be a distortion of our imagination to perceive them thus? I think so. Try. Close your eyes and try to project an Elf into your mind. They are always imagined as a great family: “to many, we are better! “Great? Pointy ears ? With arcs perhaps? Fine? Almost immortal? Links with magic? Nature too? Do you see it ? A beautiful “Legolas” stands before you. (Do not babe too much, girls!) Is that it? Are you there? Good. If I told you that all these facts about them are not quite true? That our “literary” imagination has distorted the real image of these beings?

First of all, we must know that the origin of the Elvish myth is northern, even if they are also found in Celtic mythology.

This myth is still deeply rooted in Scandinavian folklore. Initially, they were minor divinities, linked to nature, but also to fertility.

That is, I think (this is still my personal opinion), which undoubtedly gave birth to their legendary longevity, but of course I can be wrong.

A human appearance

An elf is an anthropomorphic creature (whose appearance is human) that originally lived close to nature, was small in size and had pointed ears. The Norwegian term “Huldrefolk” refers to the “hidden people” or “vetter” a kind of earth-related “goblins”, approaching the dwarfs of northern mythology more than elves.
Their figure will be taken up again in fantasy, especially in the mythical writings of Tolkien, who then made them great characters, incredibly beautiful, imprinted with nobility and wisdom.

(Légolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas !)

Their attachment to nature persists, since they often live in forests. They are also given amazing magic powers and incredible longevity. In fact, humans perceive them as immortal. They will also keep their ears long and pointed. They would be incredibly agile, fast, gifted in the handling of bows and would have a piercing view. This makes them formidable hunters and warriors.
J. R. R. Tolkien, in parallel to the writing of the accounts of Middle-earth, invented a series of elvish languages ​​whose existence is not reduced to their mention in narrative; with other non elven languages ​​placed in the same imaginary world, they form the set of languages ​​of Middle-earth.
Once adults, the Elves no longer age, they never get sick. Only a serious wound (or deep grief) can cause them to die. Their astonishing longevity gives them a totally different view of the world (and life) from that of humans. In fact, they tend to view short-term adventures with disdain and indifference, as they necessarily project themselves on the “longer term”. Nevertheless, when they have a well-defined purpose, they are tenacious, with a determined determination. If they bind little friendship, it is always perennial.

It would seem that the Elves themselves would choose their first name in adulthood (about 100 years).

The Elves are generally more intelligent than humans (no, no, I will not comment), or at least endowed with greater wisdom. They possess ancestral knowledge, especially in the field of trees, plants … They live indeed very close to nature. This concept is probably derived from the Nordic and Germanic mythologies. I do not want to pass for a rambler, nevertheless, it seems to me to have said above that the Elves were minor divinities of nature. Their senses, mainly sight and hearing, are particularly refined and far superior to those of men.

The voice of the Elves is sometimes compared to the murmur of the water. In some stories, their song has a relationship to magic.

At the beginning…

In ancient texts in Norse (ancient Icelandic) the Elves are named “álfar” in the singular “álfr”. And in modern Scandinavian languages:

  • Icelandic: “álfur” – plural “álfar”, “álfafólk”;
  • Danish: “elver”, “elverfolk”, sometimes “ellefolk”, or “alf” – plural “alfer”;
  • Norwegian: “alv” – plural “alver”, “alvefolk”;
  • Swedish: ‘alv’ – plural ‘alver’, in the female ‘älva’ – plural ‘älvor’;
  • Scots: “elfen”.

Moreover, this first word “álfar” would have a proto-Indo-European origin, a prehistoric language that gave rise to the Indo-European languages. (What? I’m cheating it to death? No, not even true!). In fact, the word “alb” meaning “white” is found, for example, in Latin: “albus” which means the same thing. This linguistic “root” is found in ancient Germanic languages, but also modern: English (and Old English), Dutch (and Dutch), German (as well as Old High German and Middle High (without the letter “H” is a dead language spoken by the Goths in the Middle Ages).

Northern Mythology

Freyr, god of fertility in Nordic mythology, would be the lord of the “Alfes (Elves)”.

This leaves us immediately to think that if the myth relates “elves of light” and therefore “benevolent” there must also exist “black elves”, therefore “dark”. Be that as it may, Elves appear in various ways in northern mythology (but also in Germanic mythology). They are generally described as semi-divine beings associated with fertility (thank God Freyr) and ancestor worship.
The concept of “Elf” thus seems similar to the animist beliefs: everything is provided with soul, with spirit, even objects like a stone, or an element like the wind. The belief of the “fylgjur”: “the spirit totem” and the “vörðar”: “the protective spirit” is identical in Nordic mythology. The Elves are frequently compared to the nymphs of Greek and Roman mythology, to Vili (the northern god, brother of Odin) and to the Roussalki (close beings of the naiads, sirens, fairies or Greco-Roman wonders) of Slav mythology .
Many Germanic first names are taken from the name of the elf: Ælfric, Ælfwine, Ælfréd (modern Alfred), Alberich. It is also the case of some ancient French names of Germanic origin, such as Auberon and Aubry.
The mythologist and mythographer (Mythographer, not to be confused with mythomaniacs!) Seriously, mythography is studying … myths, not even funny, I know) Icelandic. Snorri Sturluson sometimes refers to the Nordic Dwarves as “Dark Elves”: “dökkálfar” or “black elves”: “svartálfar”. They would be blacksmiths and guardians of treasures. But this is a mistake. For Dwarves and Elves are two types of different creatures, not remaining, and moreover, in the same place. The “Dark Elves” would live in Svartalfheim while the Dwarfs would be in Nidavellir. It would therefore be a belated belief. The distinction between light Alfes (from the sky) and black Alfes (subterranean) influences the vision of these creatures. Since then, Men have been suspicious of the Black Alves, while the Clear Alves remain beneficial.
The Elves would be as closely linked to the “Æsir” (or Ases), the main gods of northern mythology, as to the “Vanir” fertility gods, but each “group” would have its own translations of words which would mark the difference of their status.

European Folklore

From the beginning of Christianization of the Germano-Scandinavians, belief in the Elves is assimilated to paganism (those who are not considered Christian or Jewish). In fact, this belief is severely opposed. The Elf then becomes a kind of demonic creature. An important amalgam is set up between Dwarves and Elves.
The British “pixies”, little winged fairies, are assimilated to “älvor” in modern Swedish or “alfer” in Danish.
The original myth of the Elves was perpetuated in European folklore as predominantly female beings who established their dwellings in hills, mounds (mounds only consisting of earth, covering a burial) or tumuli (mounds of earth and stones ). However, belief in the common people is rare in France, unlike the Scandinavian countries.

Folklore of the Germanic regions

The “dark side” is what remains most of the Elves in German folklore. Their nature would have “evolved”. They would be mischievous, mischievous. They would be the cause of diseases of cattle and people, bad dreams.

The German word for nightmare, “Albtraum or Alptraum” literally means “dream of Elf” and its archaic form “Albdruck” means “Elf pressure”.

This aspect of the Germanic Elvish belief comes from the Scandinavian belief of the “mara“: this evil spirit that provokes nightmares.

It could also come from legends about incubus (demons that take male form to abuse women in their sleep) and succubus (demons that take feminine form to seduce men during their sleep and their dream).
We find a posterity for the Elves of Germanic folklore in the tetralogy of the “Ring of the Nibelung” by the German composer Richard Wagner.Il serait rapporté que les Elfes danseraient dans les prés, surtout les nuits et les matins où la brume est dense. Ils laisseraient alors derrière eux des sortes de cercles, à l’emplacement même de leur danse ; on les appelle « älvdanser » : « danses d’elfes » ou « älvringar » : « cercle d’elfes ».

This is how many legends in the Middle Ages would have been born: nymphs, dryads, elves and gnomes would be responsible. Urinating in one of these circles is believed to cause venereal disease. Typically, these circles are traced by a multitude of small mushrooms, but they can also be traced by drawing grass stripped against the ground.
There would be several Elf peoples, such as the High Elves (Elves of Light), Elves of the Woods (Elves of the Woods), Gray Eves (or Moon Elves), Elves of Water (or Undines) … The Dark Elves, or drows, are most often the obscure counterpart of the Elves.

Some literary works …

(Incomplete list)

  • The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, J. R. R. Tolkien;
  • The Forgotten Realms, R-A Salvatore;
  • The Annals of World Records, Terry Pratchett;
  • The Legacy, Christopher Paolini;
  • Tara Duncan, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian;
  • The Chronicles of the Lodoss War, Ry? Mizuno (MANGA);
  • The Knights of Emerald, The Heirs of Enkidiev, Anne Robillard;
  • Aïnako, Ariane Charland;
  • Amos Daragon, Bryan Perro (comic);
  • Merry Gentry, L.K. Hamilton;
  • The legendary Patrick Sobral (comic)

Video Games

  • Warcraft;
  • The Elder Scrolls;
  • The Legend of Zelda (called Hyliens);
  • Final Fantasy;
  • Dragon Age;
  • Magic, the assembly;
  • Naheulbeuk Dungeon;
  • Dungeons and Dragons;
  • Warhammer;
  • Warhammer 40,000;
  • The world of Palladium;
  • Shadowrun;
  • Heroes of Might and Magic;
  • The Witcher.

Whether they provoke us nightmares or make us dream, the Elves will always be assimilated, for me, to allies or representations of Nature, those beings who remind men that Mother Nature also has a say and that it will not let anyone deteriorate without flinching or replying. The Elves are the spirits of this Nature that we love so much and that makes us well … provided we take care of her so that she continues to protect us and bring us her blessings.

Article written by S-P Decroix, author of The Princess of the deepest Times, from Lysons editions.

5 Steps to Improve the Memories of Your Dreams

Here is the 5 step method to improve the memories of your dreams

1. Don’t use an alarm clock that has an aggressive ring

If this is necessary for your alarm clock, use it second. Place the alarm on the first dial, softer for your alarm clock, 15 minutes before the “aggressive”. A sudden awakening surely ensures you forget your dreams.

2. Keep your eyes closed and let yourself be overwhelmed by the images and impressions of your night

Write them down or record them without judgment. You will later transcribe your dreams into your journal and decode it. For now, like a fisherman, the important thing is to go up the fish (dreams).

3. Pass back into your mind the people you know

Maybe some of them will reappear and they will have been present during your dreams, which is very likely. Science tells us that we only dream of faces known or encountered in the course of our lives … It is therefore very likely that you have dreamed of a face that is close to you! Check out!

4. Keep your eyes closed and take the different positions you take when you sleep

The fact of resuming physically these different positions gives the possibility to make reappear dream memories …

5. Moisturize yourself!

Before going to bed, place a glass of water next to your bed and drink a sip, telling yourself that you will remember your dreams when you wake up. The first action to do in the morning, keeping your eyes closed, if possible, is to take a sip and let the dreams come to the surface of your consciousness.
I like to sleep personally, with a headband to cut off the morning light and allow me to be still in the privacy of my dreams. This act gives me the chance to internalize myself and not get out too quickly of this state. I feel that the headband is part of my “dream uniform”, now you find yours and adopt the appropriate rituals, like those I have presented here, to remember easily your journeys in the dream dimension !

Article written by Patrick Tremblay, author of Onirikk, Volume 1: the last of the Saïwa, available from Lysons editions.

Onirikk – Volume 1: the last of the Saïwa

The Story Of Onirikk

Norval Séguin, 15, would like to find a solution to get his father out of the catatonic state in which he is plunged for many years. During a visit to the hospital, Norval meets an eccentric woman, Magdalena, who tells him that his father is a prisoner in the World of Dreams, Onirikk, and that he alone can deliver him from there and save him from his lethargy, But … will he come alive from the territories of Nightmares?

As the last Saïwa, he is the only one who can undertake this epic and perilous adventure!

About The Author

Born on July 30, 1970 in Montreal and graduated from the National School of Humor in 1997, Patrick now teaches there Creativity and Humorous Writing since 10 years. He collaborated with the texts for the shows of the humorist-storyteller Boucar Diouf “L’Africassé-e” and “Pour une raison X ou Y”.

He has been a writer for the program “On Connaît la chanson” at TVA and “Mort de rire” at Vrak TV. He has participated, as a humorist, in galas as much to “Juste Pour Rire” (“Just For Laughs”) as for the “CommediHA!” And the “Comédie Club”. Most recently, he coached people aged 65 to 90 years for the humor show “Les retraités en spectacle”.

He is the inventor of Speed ​​Creating. A creative group technique to optimize ideas and projects. Inspired directly from speed dating, this technique of creativity is adapted to the contemporary way of life: pleasure and speed. The method of speed creating is therefore based on the first ideas that arise, without intellectualizing the whole, and moved by a concern for speed and maximum efficiency.

Patrick Tremblay regularly teaches companies on corporate creativity and his lecture, “L’humour comme associé” (wich means “Humor as a Partner”). He is the inventor of Cré-O-Nirik: a non-competitive, interactive and collaborative teaching card game that stimulates imagination and creativity.

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White magic and its healing rituals

In this article, we will reveal 8 rituals of white magic. You will learn how to heal from a distance, develop your healing powers and help your loved ones and yourself stay healthy.


Practice to develop your healing powers



What you need: nothing.


Before undertaking this ritual, it is advisable to take a shower, to be as relaxed as possible and to be dressed in comfortable clothes.

Once you are ready, sit back straight, positioning your hands on the thighs. Inhale and deeply exhale the time to soothe your body, to fully relax. Your heart rate should follow a calm and steady rhythm.

Then visualize your astral body leaving your physical body to stand in front of you at a distance of about two meters. When you perfectly visualize your double in front of you, say:

I ask the power of my Divine Self with the help of my guides to completely heal (name the suffering part of your body).

Then visualize a very intense electric light coming down from the sky that comes to surround the suffering part of your body. See this curating light circulating all around your sick body part and watch that light also act on your astral body in front of you.

Visualize this light heal the sick part of all evils, physical and psychic, forever. Take the time it takes to properly visualize the light doing its healing work. As soon as you feel that it has acted, say this to put an end to the session:

I thank you, O supreme being, (name the part in question of your body) is now healed.

End the session by visualizing your double joining your physical body.

This ritual puts into practice a modified state of consciousness, in other words, an out-of-body exit. The more you practice this ritual, the more you will be able to perceive the work of light distinctly and you can appeal to it to cure your own evils (and we will see later: to cure the ills of your loved ones). You may feel tired afterwards, do not panic, it is quite normal. Rest and you should feel much better and totally healed the next day.

To heal others through divine light



Ce qu’il vous faut : rien.


 Avant de pratiquer ce rituel sur autrui, veillez à être le plus détendu possible et demandez à vos guides de vous assister dans la séance qui va suivre en disant par exemple (vous pouvez le dire à voix basse ou bien mentalement) :

Guides : je vous demande de bien vouloir m’assister dans cette séance de guérison, soyez à mes côtés et veillez à ce que tout se déroule à la perfection.

Je vous remercie de votre présence et de votre influence. 

Une fois que vous êtes prêt(e), demandez à la personne souffrante de s’allonger confortablement, de fermer les yeux et de se relaxer.

Dès qu’elle vous aura indiqué la partie de son corps qui est malade, fermez les yeux, tournez les paumes de vos mains vers le ciel et dites (à voix basse ou mentalement) en même temps que vous visualisez une lumière verte, électrique, très intense descendre du ciel :

Chargez mes mains de cette puissante lumière divine réparatrice et inondez de lumière le corps de (dites le nom de la personne en question).

Ensuite, visualisez cette lumière descendre jusqu’à fusionner avec vos mains, sentez la chaleur de la lumière s’imprégner dans vos mains et tout en les tendant sur la partie souffrante du corps de la personne en question, dites (à voix basse ou mentalement) :

J’insuffle cette lumière divine, issue de la source créatrice de toutes choses à (dites le nom de la personne en question) pour qu’elle guérisse et revitalise entièrement (dites la partie du corps souffrante). 

Lumière, chasse le mal et la douleur qui persévèrent, nettoie et guéris complètement (dites à nouveau la partie du corps souffrante).

Répétez ces phrases tout en visualisant la lumière capturée dans vos mains circuler autour de la partie du corps malade de la personne en question et visualisez ensuite la lumière s’imprégner dans le corps.

Visualisez cette lumière guérir la partie malade de tous maux, physiques et psychiques, à jamais. Prenez le temps qu’il vous faut pour bien visualiser la lumière faire son travail de guérison. Dès que vous sentez que celle-ci a agi sur le corps du malade, dites ceci pour mettre un terme à la séance :

Je vous remercie, ô êtres suprêmes et lumière divine, (nommez la partie en question de votre corps) est maintenant guéri(e) et (dites le nom de la personne) est pleine d’énergie. 

La séance est ainsi terminée, vous pouvez maintenant demander à la personne en question d’ouvrir les yeux et d’aller se reposer.

Rituel de guérison

Ce qu’il vous faut :

  • 1 bougie verte,
  • De l’encens de Myrrhe,
  • 4 branches de sauge,
  • Un œillet rose,
  • Un carré de coton blanc.

Le moment propice pour le réaliser :

  • Une nuit de pleine lune


Lors d’une nuit de pleine lune, allumez la bougie verte et brûlez l’encens de myrrhe. Enroulez ensuite l’œillet rose à l’aide des quatre branches de sauge dans le carré de coton blanc tout en disant :

Sauge de Jupiter, fleur du Soleil.

Sous votre influence la guérison s’accomplit.

Ainsi soit-il !

Fermez le carré de coton blanc en nouant les quatre coins et placez-le sous l’oreiller du malade.

Poudre pour garder la santé

Ingrédients : (en quantité égale)

  • De l’eucalyptus,
  • Des épines de pin ou de sapin,
  • Du romarin,
  • Du persil.


Réduisez en une fine poudre toutes les herbes en énonçant à voix haute cette incantation :

Ces herbes me maintiennent en santé.

Elles sont véritablement enchantées.

Les rhumes, les toux, les maux ne peuvent plus s’acharner car les herbes sont là pour me garder.

Saupoudrez un peu de cette fine poudre sur vos draps ou gardez-en toujours un peu sur vous.

Tisane de Ginseng pour se maintenir en bonne santé

Préparez une tisane de Ginseng et répétez 11 fois l’incantation suivante :

Douleurs et meurtrissures, maladie et fièvre : éloignez-vous !

Que soit la disette pour vous, ce thé me guérit et m’accorde une longue vie.

Buvez la tisane.

Rituel pour chasser la maladie

Ce qu’il vous faut :

  • 1 bougie blanche,
  • De l’encens d’oliban ou de myrrhe,
  • 2 cuillerées à soupe de millepertuis,
  • 2 cuillerées à soupe de romarin,
  • 2 cuillerées à soupe de basilic.


Dans la pièce où dort la personne malade, en son absence, allumez une bougie blanche et faites brûler l’encens d’oliban ou de myrrhe. Réduisez ensuite en poudre toutes les herbes ci-dessus et répandez-les sur le plancher. Balayez le tout hors de la pièce en disant :

Je te bannis maladie et fièvre.

Epargne-moi ta présence.

(dites le nom de la personne malade) est maintenant bien,

Je te commande de rester loin.

Invocation d’Isis pour guérir une personne malade

Ce qu’il vous faut :

  • Une bougie bleue,
  • De l’encens de rose.


Allumez la bougie bleue et brûlez l’encens de rose. Concentrez-vous sur la personne souffrante et répétez 3 fois :

Je t’invoque Isis, déesse de la compassion, afin que tu libères cette personne (dites son nom) du mal dont elle souffre. 

Atherneklesia, Athernebouni, Labisachthi, Chomochoochi, Isis, Souse, Mounte, Tintoreo, Iobast, Bastai, Ribat, Chribat, Oeresibat.

Que ta compassion et ton amour soient avec (dites le nom de la personne).

Rituel de guérison à distance

Ce qu’il vous faut :

  •  Une bougie verte,
  • Une bougie blanche,
  • De l’huile essentielle de myrrhe,
  • Une photographie de la personne malade ou, à défaut, son nom sur un morceau de papier que vous écrirez à l’encre verte,
  • De l’encens de myrrhe.


 Allumez la bougie verte et faites brûler l’encens de myrrhe. Prenez quelques gouttes d’huile essentielle de myrrhe pour oindre la bougie blanche et dites cependant :

Au nom de la Grande Déesse, celle qui nous emplit de son souffle de vie, je consacre cette effigie afin d’éloigner la maladie.

Placez ensuite la bougie sur la photographie de la personne ou sur le morceau de papier où vous avez inscrit son nom à l’encre verte.

Allumez la bougie et concentrez-vous quelques minutes sur la personne malade. Visualisez-vous en train de lui envoyer de l’énergie (vous pouvez, comme dans les rituels précédents, visualiser une lumière qui émane de votre corps ou qui descend du ciel et se dirige vers la personne en question).

Pendant que vous visualisez cette énergie, répétez 3 fois :

A mesure que cette bougie se consume, la magie entre en action.

La maladie part et (dites le nom de la personne) de sa santé reprend possession.

Laissez les bougies se consumer entièrement.

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The interview of Maud Wlek in 7 questions!

Today, Zoom on Maud Wlek, author of Nayra, whose first volume entitled “Dark Magic” is already available!

Here are 7 answers to our questions that will allow you to better know this fantastic author!

1 / You were military, were you aware of your literary fiber before you enlisted in the army?

Absolutely not. And then, at this time of my life: I did not have the same desires or goals as today. I never liked to read until Christmas when my parents offered me the first volume of the famous saga “Harry Potter“. I was a very shy person, I was reading little and writing was not yet obvious to me. No doubt my lack of confidence slowed me down before I ventured into the adventure. The army has brought me much more confidence in me and I can say that without this commitment I would probably never have had the courage to realize what I did today by creating my own fantastic saga!

2 / How did you get the idea to write Nayra, what was the trigger?

My husband has been suffering from vascular algia for years. One day, I really felt the urge to escape completely from what we lived on a daily basis. This is how Nayra was born …

3 / To write to you, it is …

freedom, leaving immortal a part of us.

4 / What do you have in common with the heroine of your saga Nayra, Lana Wolski?

Undoubtedly, I am as clumsy as she, if not more! I can also prove myself stubborn and characteristic but I am also very tolerant, honest and kind. As I often like to say: no one is perfect and that’s what makes us unique and beautiful in our own way.

5 / If you were to have only one magic power (just one!), what would it be and why?

Difficult to choose one but I would opt for healing power. Seeing the people I love suffer breaks my heart and I would be delighted to be able to help them …

6 / You excel in the fantastic, what do you like so much in this register?

It gives me the impression of being free. It is a register where everything seems to me permissible, more so than in the others. And the fact of keeping one’s feet on the ground, with the share of reality peculiar to the fantastic, reinforces the illusion that everything is possible.

7 / In life, what are the three things that matter most to you?

The three things that matter most to me are:
  • Love,
  • Tolerance,
  • Respect.
I think that with these three qualities one can accomplish a lot of beautiful things!

Interview carried out on August 14, 2017 by Leandro De Carvalho for Lysons éditions. Thanks to Maud Wlek for answering our questions!

Found Maud Wlek on her Facebook page, or on the official page of Nayra.

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Open your 3rd eye and discover hidden things!

Opening your 3rd eye will give you access to hidden things from the view and perception of ordinary mortals. It will allow you to transcend your human condition and to experience modified states of consciousness. Your third eye is the one who is connected to the source of all knowledge, it is omniscient, omnipresent, even if you do not pay attention to it; Thanks to him, you can feel what people think, what they hide from you without they need to tell you, you will be able to live experiences of mindfulness and to unveil the invisible dimensions and access to superior Levels of consciousness.

What is the third eye?

The third eye (also called “eye of the soul” or “inner eye“) refers to the gaze beyond matter. Of oriental origin, this esoteric and mystical metaphor mainly reflects self-knowledge. Symbolically, it is thus represented between the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead.

Some authors, such as the French philosopher René Descartes, have suggested that this third eye illustrates the pineal gland, located between the two hemispheres of the brain. For Descartes, it would even be “the seat of the soul“.

Your 3rd eye could be that of that intuition that you listen to from time to time, without asking for anything, but doing it naturally because its function is to help, guide and protect you. Here, it will have a considerable place and will show you more precisely everything you need to know about your surroundings, your environment and even feelings. You will know all that you need to know and you will see everything you will have to see, without actually understanding it, by any means (dreams, signs, etc.), quite simply.

In ancient Egypt, the eye of Horus symbolized the pineal gland considered by the Egyptians as the door to penetrate into dimensions different from that of men.

Let’s see how to open this door…

An advice: Not “all” knowledge can also be beneficial to you and protects you according to the experience you have come to live on Earth. If you are not sure that you want to be able to accept the different realities that exist, for fear of being psychically disturbed, do not do it. Wait for the right time, you must feel ready, do not just curiosity!

Ritual to open your third eye

What you need:

  • Lotus incense,
  • A small bowl of water,
  • A small bowl of salt,
  • 1 purple candle,
  • A pyramid or a crystal.

Ideal time to realize it:

  • One day during the Ascending Moon.

Draw a magic circle*. Place all your ingredients inside the circle, close to you to be able to use them afterwards. Do not forget to light your purple candle and your Lotus incense.

Take a pyramid or a piece of crystal in your hand and begin to meditate on your will to discover the hidden secrets of life, the universe.

As soon as you feel ready, grab the bowl of salt in one hand, while holding the pyramid or crystal on the other, turn to the north and say this:

I invoke you, O guardian of the North Tower, by the salt of the earth.

Take the candle, turn south and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the South Tower, by the sacred fire.

Then take the bowl of water, turn to the west and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the Tower of the West, by the water of the sky and the rivers.

Take the Lotus Incense, turn east and say:

I invoke you, O guardian of the Eastern Tower, with this perfumed air.

Stay turned east and add:

In the presence of the guardians of the towers, and of the four elements,

I humbly ask you, O Asariel, to open my third eye.

Let me see the past, the present and the future. Allow me to feel what others feel and access all kinds of knowledge.

So be it!

Continue to meditate for a moment, let yourself be imbued with energy and visualize your third eye open. You can then get out of your magic circle and let burn your purple candle as well as incense on your altar. If it is daylight, resume your activities or if it is night, go to bed. In the days that follow, you will soon feel the effects of the opening of your third eye!

*We will develop in a next article the creation of the magic circle.


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The magic to find real love: magic rituals!

We reveal here a few rituals & prayers to make sure you know the great love, the person you’ve always dreamed of meeting!

Don’t pay attention on their simplicity, they are powerful if you put the most essential ingredient in their execution: the heart!

Be assured to find the person who corresponds to you very quickly…

Ritual to meet the ideal person

What you need: 1 mirror

How to do? 

As soon as you wake up, immediately put yourself in front of a mirror (you should not see anyone else) and repeat the following words:

“My heart is full of love, I am a wonderful person and I am ready to welcome a new love.”

Repeat this ritual until you meet the right person!
Do not forget to pray with sincerity and real will. You can use your own words as long as your formulation is as clear as possible, the main thing is that you put into action the thought of your desire so that the Universe can accomplish it to you.

You can also further affirm your willingness to find your soul mate by altering the previous words as follows:

“My heart is full of love, I am a wonderful person and I am ready to receive the love that will unite with me for the rest of my life.

My love, come to me. I am ready to meet you.

So be it. “

Powerfull prayers to meet your soul mate

What you need: nothing.

How to do? 

Repeat the following three prayers every night for 21 consecutive days:

1 st prayer

Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my supplications according to the truth of your promises:

Answer me according to your righteousness.

And don’t enter into judgment with your servant, because no living thing shall be found right before you.

The enemy pursues me to take my life, already he knocked me down on the ground.

He has plunged me into dark darkness, like those who have died for centuries, and my spirit is in distress, my heart is troubled within me.

I remembered the ancient times, I meditated all your wonders. Yes, I meditate on the works from your hands.

To you I stretch out my arms, my soul toward you is like a land without waters.

Hasten to hear me, O Lord, my soul is fainting.

Do not turn away your face from me or I will become like those who come down from the tomb.

Let me hear your mercy in the morning, because in you I have given my only hope.

Let me know the way in which I must walk, because I hold my soul lifted up to you.

Take me, O Lord, away from my enemies. In you I only have recourse. Teach me to fulfill your will, because you are my God.

Keep my soul out of affliction, and in your mercy disperse my troubles.

And lose all those who persecute my soul, because I am, I (your name and surname), your servant (or maid).

2 nd prayer

O holy Angel of God, who, by an effect of his goodness for me, has charged me with the care of my conduct.

You who assist me in my wants, who console me in my troubles, and who always obtain favors from me, I pray you to obtain a new one from me: make me meet my soul mate!

I beseech you, O my kind protector, to continue your charitable care, to defend myself against all my enemies, to remove from me the opportunities of sin, to make me docile to your inspirations and faithful to follow them, to protect me at the hour of my death, not to leave me until you have led me to the abode of eternal rest.

So be it!

3 rd prayer

Lovely Prince of the Heavenly Court, my dear Guardian Angel, how many gratitude do I owe you for your assiduous care?

How many times have you kept me away from dangers? How many times did your prayers were obtained by God?

Since the first moment of my existence, you have not left me. You have redoubled zeal and charity when my soul, unfaithful to its God, rejected your charitable warnings. You looked at me, O my good Angel, like a poor fool who does not know what he is doing, and you wait patiently for the day when the grace of God would triumph over my resistance.

This moment has finally come, O my holy Angel, bring to me the person whom I will love and who will love me with a sincere love and which will last until the end of my days and beyond.

So be it!


Ritual to no longer be alone

 What you need: 1 starfish, 1 white ribbon and 1 white paper

How to do? 

Place the starfish in the white paper, wrap it and tie it with the white ribbon. Recite a “Our Father” and an “Ave Maria” with all your faith. Then head to a church displaying an image of St. Anthony and place your package at his feet. Pray to the saint to help you find the one you always wanted to meet.

Ritual to see the identity of your future love in dreams

Here is a very effective and simple ritual to discover inside your dreams the one who will be your future love!


Before going to bed, recite the following words:

Guardian angel, let me see when I’m sleeping the one I’ll have in my lifetime. Show me who will be the person who will love me for who I am and who will share the remaining days of my life.

I thank you.”

You should dream of your future love during the night and be sure: you will remember him (her)…

Ritual to find the ideal person and live a great love story


What you need:

  • A cup of milk,
  • 21 red rose petals,
  • 1 white candle.


On a Friday night, take a bath with a cup of milk and 21 red rose petals. As soon as you have entered the water and have settled comfortably, recite the following incantation:

I ask the Goddess of love and the great power of nature to make sure that I can attract the love I desire.

Let it be so!

Quietly take your bath while meditating and visualizing the relationship you expect so much, feel the positive effects, the happiness and the serenity that it generates in you. Let yourself be bathed by the energy that surrounds you and let circulate the love you have to give… Visualize that it reaches the heart of the being that is destined for you. As soon as you have finished meditating, take out the water and turn on the white candle directly, saying:

Solitude weighs on me. Yet I have so much love to give.

May the celestial forces don’t remain insensitive and give me my alter-ego so that together we can reach the great cosmic law.

Let it be so!

Then go to bed completely naked. The next day, do not stay cloistered at home! Get out as soon as the opportunity arises, take a walk outside … You should surely meet someone you like!

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The Interview of Morgyane Kiinzah

Today we make a Zoom on Morgyane Kiinzah, author of Engrenages (Gears), published by Lysons since February 15, 2017.

She lent herself to the game of 7 questions we asked her so that you can know her more!

1 / How did you get the idea to write Gears and why?

Gears is the fruit of a promise made, it is the respect of a given word. I have traveled a lot and I have also had several meetings but there are some meetings that are jostling your whole existence and Gears was born in this way.

God does not do anything at random as it is said: he has therefore put on my way beautiful people at the right time, and since: Engrenages is slowly but surely following his destiny.

2 / What is true and what is romanticized in Gears?

Gears is a chain of events, a link that links the heroine to all the other girls in the novel and they can not be dissociated.
Everything is true, every event related is real to one difference: I deliberately chose to write the end as I wrote it in order to draw the alarm bell on these anonymous dramas. Domestic violence is becoming more frequent; they continue to grow with their share of tragedies. Clandestine immigration: we talk about it all the time, but we never speak, if not very rarely, of its undercurrents, its tragedies that live foreign people in an irregular situation.

3 / To write to you, it is …

to exist, to hope is to heal evils, to live.

4 / What do you have in common with the heroine of your novel, Kafue?

(Laughs …)

We may think that we are naive, but we have just a heart and soul of a child. We know how to see the good side in every being that destiny puts on our way.
We are persistent and determined and can rise when we fall. We do not make failure a weakness but a weapon that forges us and rebuilds us.

5 / If you could stop one or more gears other than those described in your novel, what would they be?

I would like to answer this question but it would announce immediately and in a rather hasty way the colors of my next novel.
Will we discuss it again? Promised!
(Laughs …)

6 / You have made a career in music, if you were to attribute a musical genre to Gears, what would it be and why?

I wrote a song that bears the name of the heroine of Gears: “Kafue.”
Everything started from there, in reality. Before writing Engrenages, I thought of denouncing these plagues in song. And it is rather soft and calm, transposed in a contemporary way, as I like. Gears would thus be in the image of ” Timbuktu Fasso ” of Fatoumata Diawara.

7 / In life, what are the three things that matter most to you?

I give a great respect and a place of choice to the Divine Creator.
It is quite personal, but often incomprehensible to some of my relationship with this Supreme Goodness. But for me and my family members: she does great things.
If I must therefore cite three “things” which are dear to my heart, I will say:
  • God,
  • The family,
  • The friends.
Thank you all.
Thank you for your support.

Interview carried out on August 14, 2017 by Leandro De Carvalho for Lysons éditions. Thanks to Morgyane Kiinzah for answering our questions!

Join Morgyane Kiinzah on her Facebook page, or on the official page of Gears.

STANDARD, 23,5×15,5cm, Black and White, Pages inside cream, matt cover, 152 pages.

Buy your copy (standard size – in French) autographed by the author, delivered to you [24,99 €]:

[Shipping costs: + 3,50€]


Buy your copy (pocket book format – in French) autographed by the author, delivered to you [14,99 €]:

[Shipping costs: + 3,50€]


You can also buy on Amazon here (standard format, not autographed.) Or pocket book format here.

The interview of the novelist S-P Decroix in 7 questions!

Today, we are zooming in on SP Decroix, the author who has just published her novel La Princesse du fond des Temps (The Princess of the deepest Times), which arouses great interest on the part of many readers have pre-ordered their copy prior to its release.

We asked her a few questions so she would have less secrets for you …

1 / How many years have you been writing and how did you start writing your first novels?

I have been writing novels since I was 16 years old. I am 41 years old today, it can be said that I have been writing for 25 years. But, I must say that I had begun long before, writing poetry.

2 / What was your intention when you wrote La Princesse du fond des Temps (The Princess of the deepest Times)?

This question also answers the second part of the first.
When I wrote this fantastic tale at the age of 16, my very first, it was above all for my sisters Emmanuelle and Aurore aged at the time of 12 and 7 years. I wanted to change their ideas, to introduce them to the magic of dreams. And at their age, what better way than a beautiful heroine with a harsh character in search of an extraordinary adventure?

3 / To write to you, it is …

to escape, to invite others to travel in my worlds, is also to share, quite simply.
I find it wonderful to tell myself that I manage to make people dream, to transport people with me, “elsewhere”, just with words … it’s really fantastic.

4 / What do you have in common with the heroine of your novel, Sokorie?

No doubt: my determination, because it took me time, hard work and courage to get to where I am now.
There were many obstacles, I do not doubt for a moment that there are certainly others, but I am and will always remain standing, even if I have often doubted it. And it’s good to know that an editor really believes in you. I would never thank Lysons enough editions for their support.

5 / If you were to be the heroine of a legend other than that of the Princess of the deepest Times, what would it be?

It is certain that I would not be a new “Snow White” or “Cinderella”. I like that my heroines are a little more “resourceful”. So I would rather think of a Legend like that of “Mulan“, a great-hearted adventurer who was probably one of the first to be in the fight of prejudices. She could be assimilated to the female cause, just like the “Princess Leïa” of “Star Wars”.
Strength” is with them but not only; gentleness, intelligence also, and again: determination.

6 / You have had many literary prizes, how do you live this recognition of your work and this growing awareness?

Yes, I’ve been in competitions for a long time. It is always moving to know that your work is enjoying and that it is rewarded. But I do not think I have real notoriety. it is necessary to be wise and to remain humble because the way to be “recognized” is stony, and if to reach the summit is difficult, to fall is very easy, on the contrary. So I want to keep a cool head and act with caution, wisdom. On the other hand, if I can put this “recognition” at the service of just causes, I will do it. It is also in this context that I participate in the event of September of the “Pièces Jaunes” Foundation of my region.

7 / If you had a single message to convey to your readers, what would it be?

Hope is what keeps human peoples apart from darkness. Particularly during troubling, difficult, even atrocious events. It is also this fragile flame that allows us to see “further”. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself and always keep hope.

Interview carried out on August 14, 2017 by Leandro De Carvalho for Lysons éditions. Thanks to Sandrine for answering our questions!

Join S-P Decroix on her Facebook page, or on the official page of The Princess of the deepest Times.

Format STANDARD, 23,5×15,5cm, Black and White, Pages inside cream, shiny cover, 128 pages.

Buy your copy, signed by the author (in French), delivered to you:

[Shipping costs: + 3,50€]

Delivery Worldwide*

*except in exceptional circumstances.

You can also buy it on Amazon here (not autographed, but delivered for only 0,01cts!)

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